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Mission Statement


St. Jude Parish is a dynamic faith-filled community dedicated to preaching and practicing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The parish is committed to providing a variety of programs and activities designed to foster and enhance spiritual growth and a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. We accomplish this objective through varied ministries of worship, faith formation, pastoral care, community service, outreach, and adult and youth religious education. The parish vision is focused on meeting the spiritual needs of a diverse population currently and in the future while dedicated to building community and building faith.

Our Vision for the Future

St Jude Parish Study: Narrative and Estimate

St Jude Parish Study: Plans and Drawings

Parish Repair and Upgrade History

Respect Life Issues and Teaching

The sanctity of all life is a basic tenent of the Catholic Church. Please visit our Respect Life Issues and Teaching page for links to articles and papers on a wide range of respect life topics. Please check back often, as new links will be added on a regular basis.

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Liturgical Life

Weekend Liturgy Schedule
Saturday 4:00pm
Sunday 8:00am, 10:00am, & 12:00pm

Daily Liturgy Schedule
Monday thru Wednesday 8:00am


Celebrated twice monthly.

Please call the rectory, even during pregnancy, to share in the Baptism Preparation Program.

Baptismal Preparation must be completed prior to the selection of a baptismal date.

First Eucharist, First Penance and Confirmation

Preparation for these sacraments is an integral part of our parish Religious Education Program.

For further information contact the Religious Education Office.


Please contact the rectory as soon as possible, at least six months prior to the intended date, to participate in the Marriage Preparation Program.

Bride or groom must be registered in the parish and practicing their faith.


Saturdays from 3:00pm - 3:45pm, and anytime by appointment.

Religious Education

We have a comprehensive Religious Education Program involving people from Grade One to adult.

Please call the Religious Education Office and speak with Trish Woodward, our Director of Religious Education or click the link below to visit our Religious Education and Youth Ministry Web page.

Religious Education and Youth Ministry Web Page >

Homebound and Hospitalized

Please call the rectory to arrange a visit.

We welcome the opportunity to bring the Sacraments to those unable to join our community due to illness or age.

New Parishioners

Please make yourselves known and register as members of our Parish community.

We are eager to welcome you!